Go Troppo with us as we celebrate life and the arts in tropical Australia!

Go Troppo in Far North Queensland!

Once upon a time that phrase was thought of as being a consequence of living in the tropics - especially for those from other, milder climates of the world.

People would go a little "strange", their social structures, dress standards and conduct would relax a little...and restrictions would fall away as they embraced the "joie de vivre" that was their new, daily life.

Today in tropical Australia we enjoy all the modern amenities that go with a progressive society.

But there is no denying that, almost from the moment that one steps off the aircraft in Cairns, Darwin or Kununurra, that difference in tempo begins to relax us with every breath of warm, humid air.

So it is that artists thrive in this atmosphere of relaxed, friendly and casual existence. The unconventional is tolerated and creativity actively encouraged.

This encouragement extends to various levels of government, business and philanthropy, which may provide competitive funding opportunities for individuals and groups to develop their visions.

Go Troppo Arts Festival is a community event.

It seeks to include all artists and artforms of the region...music, theatre, writing, film, visual art, dance, sculpture and craft...in a celebration about life and art in the Australian tropics.

The inaugural Go Troppo Arts Festival was held in October, 2008 and was a run-away success.

Fifteen events contributed to the fun and entertainment, proving that the arts are well-and-truly alive in the tropics.


In 2009 there was an exciting calendar of events, with never a dull moment for participants or spectators.

Running from 22 - 31 October 2010 the arts festival again delivered an experience to locals and visitors that they could not find elsewhere.

A new development was a series of "hands-on" workshops in unique locations, where students learned to build a life-sized portrait in clay, made beautiful 'shibori' lengths of fabric with fashion designer, artist Linda Jackson, or explored the wonderful colours of the Savannah in oil paints.

BUT NOW, in 2011the festival suddenly finds itself with insufficient funds to carry on so the hard working committee has reluctantly cancelled the event for this year.

NEW HOPE However, in January 2014 the forcibly amalgamated local shire has been de-amalgamated so, with renewed vigour, it has decided to appoint a festival manager who will develop a business plan and source funding to take the festival to even greater heights in 2014.

If you have event organizational experience and are passionate about the Arts and this region, please let us know via the contact form on the left of this page.

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We are very grateful to our partners, Tourism Port Douglas Daintree, Port Douglas and Mossman Gazette, Cairns Regional Council, Arts Queensland, Cairns Regional Gallery, Port Douglas Catering, Enterprise Charters, Radio Port Douglas, Sheraton Mirage, ABC Radio and The Cairns Post, as well as many other businesses and individuals for their assistance in helping to make Go Troppo Arts Festival a success in 2010.

Go Troppo Arts Festival Blog
Go Troppo Arts Festival blog keeps you up-to-date.
New Events Calendar 2010 is Varied and Interesting
Check out this new events calendar 2010 to find those events that are not to be missed.
Cairns Regional Gallery Director Commends Go Troppo Arts Festival
Cairns Regional Gallery Director commends Go Troppo Arts Festival
Always Wanted to be a Patron of the Arts? Now's Your Chance!
Have you always wanted to be a Patron of the Arts? Now you can!
Buy tickets for the Go Troppo Arts Festival opening!
Buy tickets for the Go Troppo Arts Festival opening here!
Please contact us to be involved in the Go Troppo Arts Festival
This is the contact form for those wishing to become involved in the Go Troppo Arts Festival.
Tropical Art Experiences Await You.
These tropical art experiences will teach you skills as well as a new way of seeing and creating.
Description of Workshops Available at Go Troppo Arts Festival 2010.
Description of workshops available at Go Troppo Arts Festival 2010.
Your Pages
Your pages is an opportunity to tell us about your festival experiences.
Profile of a Philanthropist
This profile of a philanthropist examines why private giving in the Arts is growing.
Our Partners, Our Heroes!
Our partners, our heroes work together for Go Troppo Arts Festival.
August 2010 Media Release
Media Release August 2010 - fantastic Enterprise II trip.
Destination Paradise Exhibition Opens at The Old Sugar Wharf in Port Douglas.
Destination Paradise Exhibition opens arts festival at the old sugar wharf in Port Douglas
Emerging Artists Display Varied Styles at 'Pathways' Exhibition in Mossman.
Emerging Mossman artists display varied styles at Go Troppo Arts Festival exhibition in Mossman.
Enter the Tropical Footprints Exhibition!
You are invited to enter theTropical Footprints exhibition, a Go Troppo Arts Festival event.
Shades of Green Music and Art Soiree Opens at Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas.
Shades of Green music and art soiree opens at Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas.
Accommodation packages for Go Troppo Arts Festival 2009.
Accommodation packages for Go Troppo Arts Festival 2009.
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Go Troppo Arts Festival Archives 2008
Go Troppo Arts Festival Archives - 2008
Go Troppo Arts Festival Archives 2009
Go Troppo Arts Festival Archives 2009
Planning For 2011 - Expressions of Interest
Planning for 2011 - expessions of interest from those wishing to be involved in this exciting next stage.